Download the Launcher App!

Here's one for all of our loyal CrackBerry readers and members out there... a new and improved web launcher! Our pal Fabian Heuwieser whipped up the new launcher as a little holiday gift for CrackBerry Nation. This isn't just a shortcut to the mobile site though - what Fabian built is a BlackBerry app that essentially mimics our entire site navigation. From within the application you can decide exactly where you want to go, and from there click the appropriate link that will open your web browser and take you directly to that page/section on the mobile site. It's basic and it works GREAT.

You can download the launcher by visiting from either your BlackBerry's web browser or on your computer (and send yourself the download link). This is the first version that has gone public, so if you run into any issues or have any suggestions you can leave them on this CrackBerry Launcher forum thread. Note to BlackBerry Storm owners: Be sure to disable compatiblity mode!

So what are you waiting for? Go download it now and get your CrackBerry on!! Thanks Fabian!