Get networking functions from the palm of your hand with Network Tools

Are you looking for a professional networking app? Look no further than Network Tools. Whether you're a professional network administrator or system programmer, or even a individual consumer, Network Tools can offer you something. You can perform a 'Whois' search on domains, perform a DNS query and more. Each function of the app has been designed to work and complement one another and with the BlackBerry UI, it's very user-friendly.

There are a handful of networking functions that can be made with Network Tools. Here is a list of all the functions you can currently do.

  • Perform a Whois search on domain names, IP addresses, Autonomous System numbers - helps find ownership information for a domain and contain details of the person in charge
  • Port scan a Fully Qualified Domain Name (FQDN) or IP address - Any network connected device has some ports open to talk to another device (take for example two BlackBerry10 devices). Port scan will scan the target device and locate any open ports
  • Convert an FQDN to an IP address and vice-versa - Computers talk in IP, we humans prefer to use FQDNs (fully qualified domain name ) because it is easier to remember. This function performs a translation for you
  • Perform a DNS query - allows you to check records of the DNS records of an FQDN
  • Perform a DNS propagation check - allows you to check if any changes you make has propagated around the globe
  • Geo-IP query - allows you to locate your IP's geographical location
  • Perform IPv4 and IPv6 calculations - a calculator that automatically detects the IP version (4 or 6) and calculates the needed subnet values
  • Network Monitor - monitor your device's connection to the network
  • Wi-Fi scan - this will scan for Wi-FI APs (access points) in proximity to your device, and display details like signal strength/quality, Mac address, channel number, security used, etc.

On top of all those functions, Network Tools has also been designed to integrate deeply into the BlackBerry 10 OS. What that means is you can share any information results very easily using the native share function on BlackBerry 10, or you can copy the information using the copy icon to paste it into an email or document. If there is a function that you'll be using a lot more than the others, you can add a shortcut to that function to your Homescreen.

The app has a lot to offer especially if you are a network administrator or need to make use of such functions on a regular basis. I would have liked to have had such an app when I used to have to calculate subnets.

Network Tools is available for all BlackBerry 10 smartphones and will cost you $4.99. If you have any suggestions or feedback on the app, you can check out the CrackBerry Forum thread for the app where the developer is very active. Some functions in the app have been added through communicating suggestions.

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