SPICE up your BlackBerry!

If you haven't checked out CrackBerry.com's free user-contributed Ringtone Gallery yet, you're missing out! We've made it easy to browse/preview ringtones and get them on your phone (just put in your blackberry's email address and the url to the tone gets delivered straight to your berry for easy installation).

You can browse by Genre, Artist, Album, Title or use the Search Box on the top right corner of this page (be sure to switch the radio button to 'Ringtones'). Or head to the Ringtone Homepage to view the Most Played, Most Downloaded, Top Rated, and Recently Added ringtones.

Here's 5 of My Favorites, just to get you started:
Spice Girls Wannabe (drives people crazy...umm..crazy good?!)
The Pink Panther (old school coolness)
Star Wars Theme (old school geekness & proud of it!)
If You Were a Hotdog (makes me laugh everytime)
5. Back in Black
(ROCK ON!!!)

We're still working on some refinements to the ringtone gallery (look for it to get better in the weeks ahead) and are in beta mode on our wallpaper gallery. Give them a go, and if you have any suggestions, be sure to let me know! Enjoy the weekend!!