Get more with BlackBullet as it goes headless and connects with Pushbullet servers

BlackBullet is an app that has been around for a while in BlackBerry World, in beta, no less and is a pretty nice third party Pushbullet client for BlackBerry 10. We've announced it and also done up a review on it. As I've said, it's an app currently labelled with beta status but has got a lot to offer and does receive regular updates.

Such an update occurred during the week which now adds a headless element to the app, so you don't need to have the app open to function. When we last reviewed the app, this was a deal breaker for some. The developer has also managed to integrate the app directly with the Pushbullet servers, with permission.

So, what's new in v0.4?

  • added full BlackBerry Push Service integration directly on the server of (Thanks Chris!)
  • reworked backend and network communication module
  • added headless support (upgrade to pro to enjoy it in all aspects)
  • improved updating mechanism for the ActiveFrame
  • support for the headless clipboard sync with the Windows Desktop or a second BlackBerry Device
  • added a setting to disable notifications while BlackBullet is closed

Those are the big changes, though there has been some interim changes since our hands-on review:

  • added a Tab for Contacts including a button to add friends based on email adresses
  • added the ability to sent or forward received stuff to your friends
  • a first try to improve the login mechanism to the pushbullet network
  • avoid duplicate notifications at the Hub and the Pebble Smartwatch
  • completely reworked list loading mechanism which improves the overall performance of BlackBullet
  • faster list filter function, faster reaction speed during search, improved startup speed
  • added a "pull to load more" function to the end of a list
  • added some code to improve soon the interaction with 3rd party applications
  • the hub and pebble notifications are now handled using a buffer and were no longer made while the push history gets loaded
  • The app should stay now also useable with more than 10000 stored push notifications.

If you don't know what Pushbullet is all about, itis a service that is currently available on iOS and Android and it pushes notifications to your desktop. As well as that you can share files between your device(s) and desktop browser, URLs and notes. Pushbullet also integrates with

BlackBullet does require a Google account to work, this is what Pushbullet uses and so there is no way around it.

BlackBullet is available for all BlackBerry 10 smartphones and is free to download. You can check out our hands-on review if you want to check it out before downloading.

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