With portability comes responsibility, and with the portability of the BlackBerry PlayBook it is your responsibility to ensure it’s protected from drops and bumps. Now, not everyone is a fan of the traditional cases like the Case-Mate POP! or the heavy-duty Otter Box Defender case. However, the century old question still stands, should you have something to protect your device? If you answered yes, but hate the big plastic cases you might want to check out the BODYGUARDZ clear skin for the BlackBerry PlayBook. Continue reading to see how the BODYGUARDZ stacks up against the rest.

At first glance, you might think the BODYGUARDZ clear skin isn’t much of a protection method for your BlackBerry PlayBook, but think again. This shield is one tough piece of plastic. One drawback I found was that the BODYGUARDZ created a slight rubbery feel to the tablet’s screen, making playing those games like Shadow Gun a little bit harder.

Front – Screen protection


The BODYGUARDZ installation covers the whole tablet, from front to back. Having this shield on the screen of your BlackBerry PlayBook will ensure that you enjoy the quality picture for as long as you own the tablet.



After installation, you’ll see that the BODYGUARDZ clear skin has your back covered, literally the back of your BlackBerry PlayBook is completely covered. Having the back covered allows you to toss your tablet into a backpack without worry the soft touch plastic will get marked up.



The BODYGUARDZ wraps from the back of your tablet to cover all four sides of the device. Now, some may feel that this isn’t a huge advantage, but I disagree. Having the BODYGUARDZ on all sides of your device means that the clear shield will absorb any impacts and scratches, no matter what angle they come from.

The Good

  • 100% complete device protection
  • No added bulk
  • Doesn’t change the tablet’s dimensions

The Bad

  • Reduces the screen sensitivity slightly
  • Can be difficult to install
  • Liquid solution needed to install the clear skin
The Bottom Line

If you’re looking to add protection to your BlackBerry PlayBook, but aren’t looking to add that extra bulk that comes from using a traditional case, look no further. The BODYGUARDZ for the BlackBerry PlayBook is probably one of the best clear skin products on the market. While some may find it a pain to install, the added benefits of this style of device protection outweigh almost all of the negatives associated with the BODYGUARDZ clear skin. BODYGUARDZ for the BlackBerry PlayBook can be found in Shop CrackBerry for only $19.99. This product is a must have for those who can’t stand the bulk of those ‘other’ cases.


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