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From online advertisers to political campaigns, it seems like everyone wants a piece of your personal data nowadays. Reclaiming your privacy can seem like an impossible task — but there are tools that can make it happen. The Premium Mobile Privacy Lifetime Subscription Bundle brings together two of the best, offering lifetime access for just $49.99.

Rated at 4.6 stars on the App Store, Hushed lets you set up a private second phone line for order forms, replying to ads, and more. This means you shouldn't get robocalls on your main number. What's more, Hushed numbers are fully functional — you get 1,000 mins or 6,000 messages a year.

For online privacy, the bundle also includes Hola VPN Plus. Used by over 10 million people, this service helps you stay anonymous online. Hola uses strong encryption to keep your data safe, and you can connect to servers around the world to bypass local restrictions.

Lifetime access to these apps is worth $867, but you can get the combined deal now for just $49.99.


Sale 31349 Primary Image The Premium Mobile Privacy Lifetime Subscription Bundle – $49.99

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