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Most antivirus programs only react to known threats. In contrast, Cylance Smart Antivirus uses AI to predict and stop threats as they happen. Right now, you can pick up a lifetime subscription for only $79.99.

Traditional antivirus software works by scanning your hard drive and checking the software against a list of known threats.

This kind of system used to provide reasonable protection. But the world of cybersecurity has changed over the past decade. Experts estimate that 350,000 new malware programs are now released every single day.

Thanks to artificial intelligence, Cylance Smart Antivirus is able to detect threats that are completely new. It also works as a doorman, preventing viruses from running in the first place.

Available on Mac and PC, this antivirus works both online and offline. It uses very little CPU and there are no annoying pop-ups. The app also provides a security overview through a simple dashboard.

In the words of PCMag, "Go with Cylance if you want to be part of the cutting-edge AI revolution."

Order now for $79.99 to get a lifetime subscription, worth $1,568.


Sale 162278 Primary Image Cylance Smart Antivirus for Mac & Windows: Lifetime Subscription – $79.99

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