CrackBerry Idol Contestants!

We're back with our final preview (see parts 1, 2, 3 and 4) of the contestants competing in Round 1 of CrackBerry Idol. The CrackBerry Idol winner will become a regular contributor to the CrackBerry blogs, so among the audition vids you'll be witnessing a future CB blogger. Who that person is will be up to the community to decide, so be sure to watch all of the audition videos so when it comes to the competition rounds (app review, case review, accessory review, device review) you'll know who each competitor is.

Next up we have Josh, Dan, Alex, Alicia and Matthew. Each of them is ready and more than willing to be the next CrackBerry Idol, and they each have some compelling arguments as to why they are the ideal candidate for the position (or in the case of Alex it was the singing talent in his American Idol-styled audition that caught the judges attention). Watch their awesome audition videos below and be sure to leave some shoutouts of encouragement in the comments - the road to becoming the CB Idol is paved with hard work! Keep in mind the community judging starts with the app reviews (not the audition vids), so please keep your comments relevant and constructive.

Let the CrackBerry Idol competition begin! With all the audition videos now behind us, next week begins the start of the CrackBerry competition rounds.We'll bring 2-3 BlackBerry App reviews to the blogs each week. Stay tuned!

CrackBerry Idol Audition Videos

1. Josh

2. Dan

3. Alex

4. Alicia

5. Matthew

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