The BlackBerry Mobile YouTube channel has now lit up with a bunch of new BlackBerry KEY2 videos and aside from the help and how-to video playlist shared, they also posted a great guided tour and device walkthrough covering all you really need to know about the KEY2.

The video comes in at just under five minutes long and covers all the highlights including design, battery life, new BlackBerry keyboard features such as the Speed Key, the new dual-camera setup as well as new privacy enhancements such as Locker and the newly re-designed DTEK by BlackBerry.

Finally, the video also covers Android 8.1 Oreo and how you can switch devices easily using the BlackBerry Content Transfer app. You can hit play above to check it or, or head on over the BlackBerry Mobile YouTube channel to watch more BlackBerry KEY2 videos.

BlackBerry KEY2 Review - One of the best BlackBerry keyboards ever built