When it comes to physical activities I'm not normally one to shy away but getting older hasn't made it easy. I didn't take part in CrackBerry's Fitness Month back in February as much as other members of the Team CrackBerry, though I continued with my Taekwon-Do classes. However, in the past couple of months I have got back into the groove as I was beginning to feel plump, coupled with some inspiration from the kids. I got back into running, pushed myself more in Taekwon-Do, as well as created a workout regime with the kids that we have been doing for the past three weeks. When I exercise I need some music to help me get through and make me feel motivated so I needed to find an accessory that would allow me to carry my BlackBerry with me at all times. So, I went with the ArmPocket XTREME i-30. Follow me after the break to see how it fit into my workout regime.

I first got one of these armband accessories when I owned a Torch 9800 but when I got myself a Bold 9900 I had to find myself a new one. Instead of getting another one made for only one device I thought it would be best to get one that was universal.

The ArmPocket XTREME comes in three sizes - small (arm size 7-11 inches), medium (arm size 10-14 inches) and large (arm size 13-18 inches). It also only comes in one color, which isn't bad as I don't personally want to use any other color, with the exception of orange (I don't know why).

The fabric is made from recycled plastic bottles to make them eco-friendly and there definitely is nothing plasticky about it. It is very soft and I never had any trouble with it, even during longs periods of use. I also like the fact that the strap is vented. The material is also said to be waterproof for times when you got out running in the rain.

Another bonus feature of the ArmPocket XTREME is that it has interior pockets to keep bank cards, ID, even keys or as suggested an energy bar. There is even a small hole in the bottom for earbud access. Though there are no BlackBerry devices with the headphone jack at the bottom, so I haven't really been able to make use of that part.

When it comes to actually using the device though, it gets a little more difficult. Sure it has a nice large clear window but it's a bit finiky trying to use a touchscreen or even a trackpad. You can swipe across the screen alright but it's difficult to type things or select things. Since I'd be using it only when doing workouts or running I would need to have to type much on it so this is not a major problem. I would just have to set everything in place before fitting it into the ArmPocket. When running I use Endomondo and I can just about select things to get started.

While exercising, running or working out, the ArmPocket gives me no trouble. The soft texture means it doesn't rub and I have had no trouble with it slipping, unlike other ones I've owned. I used it while running as well as doing circuit workouts that include push ups and jumping jacks, I find it never hinders me and I hardly know it's there. I certainly recommend the ArmPocket if you're looking to get this type of accessory.


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