JuiceCaster Beta

Since JuiceCaster may be new to some of you, let's skip the standard blog-speak and just tell you what JuiceCaster for BlackBerry is all about:

JuiceCaster is an award-winning social media application that enables you to post Blackberry pictures and videos in real time to your favorite websites, your friends, and cool new people you meet within the JuiceCaster mobile community. There are a number of exciting features to JuiceCaster, including:

  • Posting Blackberry video and picture updates directly to Facebook and Twitter.
  • Broadcasting your own mobile status update, and inviting friends and non-members to "follow" you.
  • Creating your own unique custom groups (e.g. Fantasy Football, Family) to send group video and picture messages to mobile phones, email, and online social networks.
  • Micro-blogging (video, picture, audio, and text) to your personal blog.
  • Searching and viewing videos and pictures right on your Blackberry.
  • Connecting with friends in real-time, and interacting with interesting new people you meet within JuiceCaster's mobile community.

And now that you know what JuiceCaster is, you can GO HERE to sign up for the beta and begin rock'n it on your BlackBerry Curve. Let us know how it works!