Get a free download daily during 25 Days of Gifts from BlackBerry World

BlackBerry is getting into the festive feeling and will be running a BlackBerry World promotion during December to get into the holiday swing. 25 Days of Gifts from BlackBerry World will start from December 1st and run until December 25th. Every day you will get a free premium download.

You will have a choice to download from a selection for apps, games and movies every day. If you're a BlackBerry 10 user be sure to check BlackBerry World every day starting this Sunday to get your free download. What is available to download will vary depending in your region.

Can't wait until then? You can check out the BlackBerry World Black Friday sale that's happening right now. Nothing free but plenty of discounts to be found.

Let the festivities begin! Don't forget, visit BlackBerry World every day starting this Sunday for your free download. Offer only last for 24 hours, so if you miss it, you miss it. Also, what you get will depend on your region. There should be a banner in BlackBerry World for the 25 Days of Gifts, that is where you will see what is free for the day. Don't go searching for the app, game or movie as it may not be free for you. Check back here daily where we will post links to the daily freebie.

Please note: There is only a limited amount of video downloads available. Once the download limit is reach in your region, an alternative will be given for the rest of the day.

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