For those of you who love the fall weather and watching the leaves on the trees turn color there is Autumn by mgdotnet. This clear and wallpaper friendly design is just the thing to get you in to the fall swing of things. No doubt you are familiar with all of mgdotnet's wonderful BlackBerry themes and how each of them is meticulously designed for a wide variety of theme lovers. If you are looking to switch off of stock, then be sure to check out this stylish seasonal creation. 


Autumn may be simple in its design but once activated it brightens up your display. What truly stands out is the high clarity and eye catching background. While it is wallpaper friendly, the brilliant yellow and orange hues of the sun and the leaves makes your display pop.

It offers a black tray design (not transparent), BlackBerry PlayBook OS2 icons, warm, rich colors and highlights throughout the menus and dialog boxes, small top banner to showcase your favorite wallpapers, and an extremely detailed leaf as a new message icon notification. As this is a clear theme, it gives you the opportunity to see all of the tiny details that have been customized from the popup boxes to the shading and borders around the tab focus icons.

Autumn popup

With winter right around in the corner, Autumn is a very sharp and vibrant theme that retains the default layout. This means you do not have to worry about the missing icon issue in the folders. It has a small footprint, does not load up your device memory, and runs smoothly.

This theme supports BlackBerry 9300/30/50/60, 9650, 9700/80/90, 9800/10/50/60, and 9900/30/81running OS 5.0 and higher. It is available for $.99 in BlackBerry so be sure to check out not only this but the rest of the catalogue at the links below.

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