I admit it, I’m a big Harry Potter fan. I’ve read all six books so far and I’ve even been to one of the midnight release parties. And that was before I had kids old enough to read the books. So when I was perusing the weekly Digby specials on my BlackBerry, I was excited to see a Harry Potter link. For a limited time only, it appears that you can pre-order the new Harry Potter book for only $8.88. Not a bad deal!

If you aren’t a digby subscriber already, first go to http://www.digby.com/download on your BlackBerry browser and install the Digby catalog. Then start it up and check out the “Weekly Specials” category.

Digby Weekly Specials

There you’ll find the link for “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows”. And you can order it right from your BlackBerry.

Book 7 for $8.88

In the books section, there’s also a Harry Potter category where you can order all the previous books 1-6.

For more information on Digby, go to Digby.com, or check out our earlier review here.

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