The CorkBerry Theme!

In honor of passing the 200,000 member milestone, we have a special treat for all of our loyal members. Courtesy of Zach and Zman Themes, I'm proud to introduce to you the CorkBerry theme! It's Free, it's Original, and it's AWESOME.

Featuring a corkboard background and sweet-looking shortcuts with thumb tack rollovers, the CorkBerry theme is bright, friendly and easy to use. But the COOLEST part of the CorkBerry theme is the BATTERY LEVEL INDICATOR. That's right, the logo will tell you how much JUICE is left on your device. Fully charged and you're seeing orange. Running low, and the logo turns grey. PURE AWESOMENESS. You can get download it for free (both OTA and DM install options available) from the Free Theme Gallery. Thanks Zach!

Download the CorkBerry Theme