The Toronto International Film Festival shut down as of last night. The event which ran from Sept 9-19th was indeed an event not to be missed if you were in the Toronto area at that time. Sadly, not everyone who wanted to attend the events could go, myself included. However, that shouldn't stop anyone from catching up on the happenings of what went down in Toronto. You see, BlackBerry was a huge sponsor of the event and as such has acumulated a wide array of videos and photos from the festival, which we can all now look at. 

The folks from Research In Motion went all out. Even so far as to ensure BlackBerry users in the crowds had fresh batteries for their devices, all you had to do to get one was well, BBM them. How cool is that? If you're like me and missed out on the events be sure to check out all of the content via the BlackBerry website which has links to the Facebook, Twitter and Youtube accounts. Needless to say, the folks from BlackBerry did a great job covering the event and I one am glad I can now go back and catch up on the events missed.