Game of Thrones
Season 2 of A Game of Thrones by George R.R. Martin starts tonight on HBO, so what better time to get caught up on the story than now? You can purchase books from the series via Kobo for your BlackBerry smartphone or PlayBook, and if you've got the Kindle app side-loaded on your PlayBook, there are a slew of offerings over at Amazon you'll want to look into. No, seriously, a slew. Everything from the original books to graphic novels, TV show tie-ins, cookbooks, audio books and more. And if you're looking for wallpapers, definitely check out the wallpaper gallery to see what your fellow CrackBerry members have uploaded, and you can even find a few super hi-res images over at iMore that were uploaded by Rene Ritchie that you can use on your PlayBook.

After you're all set with the books and wallpapers, why not join a BBM group to discuss the show or books? There are a couple in the the PIN sharing forums already, or you can start your own!

A Game of Thrones on Kobo
A Game of Thrones on Amazon

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