Get BlackBerry Unite!Earlier today, Bell announced the availability of BlackBerry Unite! to its Canadian BlackBerry subscriber base. I dropped word of the news in our Carrier forums, but left it off the blogs as it would be hitting our Weekly Software Round Up Friday morning.

HOWEVER...*news flash* it turns out the Bell-Canada copy of BlackBerry Unite will work even if you are on another Carrier. Sweet! I just downloaded a copy and am going to give it a try shortly. If you're inclined to do the same thing, you can grab a copy from the link below.

Warning:  It seems BlackBerry Unite! puts an IT policy on your device when installed (thanks CJ for pointing this out!). Here's  quick note from one or our buds who were playing with this all night:

"The idea behind the software is very neat. The content sharing and syncing is similar to a BES. One of my favorite parts is like a BES you can restrict what users do. I have my phone completely blocked down so I couldn't receive incoming calls or use any third party applications. NOW WARNING! If you install this application MAKE SURE YOU DO A BACKUP OF YOUR DEVICE as you will have to do a hard reset to remove the Unite! software from your device when finished (unless you want to keep it on?).  It works just like a BES server and locks your security IT polices in place until reseted."

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