Keeping your data nicely filed and organized is a noble pursuit but one that most people simply don't have the time or patience to consistently adhere to. As such, many of us have to skip between folders, apps, and bookmarked cloud storage accounts to figure out where exactly we put that editable W-9 PDF. It's a chore, but Rethink Files was designed to make it easier.

Rethink Files is a universal file manager for all of your apps and folders. In one streamlined interface, you can unite your OneDrive, Outlook, Zoho Docs, and more apps (even Slack!) so you can seamlessly access files when you need them. Rethink Files provides rich previews for more than 100 different file types and provides you with 2TB of secure, AES 256-bit encrypted cloud storage, making it the kind of centralized file system you need to stay on top of your digital life. With everything in one place, you can drastically improve your workflow, saving you time. Better yet, it's significantly more cost-effective than many cloud services.

Keep your data private and accessible. While other cloud storage solutions may cost thousands for 2TB of storage, Rethink Files is on sale now for just $49.

Prices subject to change.