Productivity is key in my day-to-day tasks and sometimes having an application that is flexible to your needs is necessary. Being able to perform certain tasks depending on your location is an interesting concept and one that I was willing to try out and see if it would make a difference. GeoToolBox is the latest utility application from Toysoft and operates in an easy to use manner. By using your location and GPS, it allows you to set various functions or actions when you enter or leave that location.

There is no steep learning curve on this one as all the controls are accessible with a few taps and swipes. Being able to send a text/email message, save a calendar event, change wallpaper, turn on/off WiFi or Bluetooth in the hub are just some of its many uses and capabilities. As it is headless, these functions can be set to automatically trigger when entering or leaving a designated area. Locations can be entered based on address, GPS coordinates, or by tapping on an area when accessing the map.

Functions List

  • Send a Text Message
  • Send an Email Message
  • Save an Calendar event to the Calendar app with location and duration time
  • Change Sound Notification
  • Change Wallpaper
  • Turn On or Off Bluetooth
  • Turn On Wifi
  • Notify to turn Off Wifi
  • Play a notification tone
  • Vibrate
  • Reminder note in the Hub

Using either the pre-configured templates or by going into the selected location each action as described above can be set. For example, if I wanted to create a protocol for turning on WiFi when I get to work and shutting off when I leave. I would add the location, tap on the actions icon, and select that particular function from the list.

From this screen it is not difficult to set an item to be performed by choosing from among four main categories: Enter Location actions, Leave location actions, Calendar, Reminder Note (in the Hub). For best results with Email, SMS, and Sound Notifications, you should setup the templates in order for it be accessible in the drop down boxes.

From setting a wallpaper to flashing a reminder in the hub I can see how this multi-purpose tool might be useful for business users and consumers alike. Nothing beats eliminating repetitive tasks throughout the day to save time and be more productive.

GeoToolBox requires low battery consumption, allows you to backup/restore preferences, and the option to add as many templates as you like. In terms of security there are several permissions it requires in order to function properly and these are fully outlined in the help menu. Available for BlackBerry 10 it will only set you back $1.99.

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