Sometimes, don't you want to take the Internet with you? But Joseph, you'll say, I can already do that. I have this little device; it's called a BlackBerry. Maybe you've heard of it? No, I'm talking about those times when you have to leave your computer. You're in the middle of (shameless plug) a really good article, and it's time to step away. Maybe it's lunchtime; maybe it's time for a visit to the smallest room (don't lie; you've thought about it). Yes you can read the article on your BlackBerry, but then you'd have to open the browser and go to the site. And then follow that one link. And then the other. And the other.

It would be great to just send that URL to your phone and pick up right where you left off, almost instantaneously. There's no app to install on your phone, you already have the necessary pieces. All you need to do is change that webpage address or link into a QR code.

There are a number of free resources to do this. At Kaywa, you can copy and paste the URL into the appropriate box and have the website generate a code for you. You could also install an extension to your ChromeFirefox, or Safari browser. With the extension, you'll be able to make that QR code with one click from right inside the browser. The extensions should also let you create a code for any link on that page as well.

Now that you have a QR code, what do you do with it? You open up App World.  App World has a powerful QR code-reading scanner built right in. In the app, press the menu key and select Scan a Barcode from the list. The scanner will read any QR code, it doesn't have to be one linking to App World. Hold your camera steady as the scanner zooms in on your code. In a moment, you'll be asked if you want to go to your website.

Find a web link. Make a QR Code. Scan it with App World. Done. Geek Pro!

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