Gavin Rossdale is a BlackBerry User

Gavin Rossdale, lead singer of the now-defunct band Bush and husband of Gwen Stefani, sat down with Switched for a little interview. Gavin is releasing his first solo album, entitled Wanderlust, this June, but the Switched crew wanted to know about Gavin's taste in gadgets. CrackBerry-related questions after the jump!

What gadgets do you always bring with you for down time?
The BlackBerry
Roasted brown rice tea

What cell phone do you have right now and what do you love/hate about it?
My Curve. Love the BlackBerry Messenger. Photos could be better but I like it a lot. My son Kingston threw my iPhone away in Australia. I was enjoying it...

Blackberry, Sidekick, or Treo?

Would you ever get an iPhone?
Digging the Curve right now -- online all the time. The iPhone sure is pretty.