You wouldn't mind driving an extra couple of minutes in order to get gas for say, 10 cents cheaper a gallon, would you? How many times have you filled up your car only to drive up the road and notice the lower pricing, and then calculate how much it would have saved you. GasBuddy, a popular BlackBerry application that allows you to find the best prices in your area, has just received an update bumping it up to version 2.6.3. This update brings a few warmly welcomed changes.

  • Better GPS tracking, more updates and quicker finding capabilities including the addition of Geolocation locating abilities.
  • Added approximate driving travel time from current location to station.
  • Added integration in the BlackBerry Maps App, "Gas Stations Nearby" in context menu.
  • Fixed freezing issues.
  • UI updates including cleaner icons and adjusted spacing.

Whether you are a current GasBuddy user or someone looking to try it out for the first time, be sure to grab this free download from the link below. A free application that helps you keep a couple extra bucks in your pocket when filling up your vehicle, how could you go wrong?

More information / download of GasBuddy 

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