Remember our pal Gary "the-BlackBerry-Trackball-Hater" Krakow? Turns out despite the trackball bashing RIM invited him down to that BlackBerry Storm Press Event held on October 1st in NYC. I just came across this video now, so figured I'd toss it up for your viewing pleasure. You can post your reactions in the comments (and YES he says it has WiFi and NO it does not).

I actually stumbled onto the video yesterday when browsing the homepage over at (from time to time I do actually open up other BB sites in another tab!). And I wouldn't be doing my job of reporting to the BlackBerry World if I didn't make mention of the contest they just launched. They have a whack load of prizes up for grabs - grand prize draw is for a new Bold or Storm, and after that they have 1000 $100 prize bundles to be won. Visit and refer a friend to purchase a new BlackBerry. If they purchase via the referral form, you both will receive a $100 prize bundle and be entered into the grand prize draw. You can check out the site for full details.

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