Yes, we already saw oneBlackBerry 10 keyboard video today but this one is special. The folks over at Engadget got to sit down with RIM's principal architect, Gary Klassen for a quick video demo of the keyboard in action. As some CrackBerry readers certainly already know, Gary Klassen is the inventor of BlackBerry Messenger so it's interesting to see someone there from the start going through and showing us the next generation of BlackBerry smartphones.

All in all, you get a good look at the keyboard but there is more than that happening here. Gary shows off plenty of the BlackBerry flow experience, while sharing the details of how app screen "widgets" are actually minimized running apps similar to how the BlackBerry PlayBook minimizes them on screen.

Also noted in the video, something that hasn't been clarified in the past, being, that you can indeed have more than four apps end up there. You just have to slide down in order to view any others that may be running in the background.