Gaming has been one of the most important things for BlackBerry when they made the transition from OS7 to BlackBerry 10. It's what consumers wanted and on older devices gaming just wasn't the same experience as on other operating systems.

We all know that this has now been rectified with BlackBerry 10, but how is gaming on the Q10? If games are important to you then you may be thinking that you need to choose the Z10 over the Q10. Clearly with the Z10 you get some extra screen real estate but luckily I've been playing a few games on the Q10 and although the screen is smaller the actual gaming experience is just as good.

Where we are let down slightly on the Q10 is that the game selection is not yet as big as with the Z10. But with developers now having access to the Dev Alpha C I'm pretty sure that this will be rectified soon and I hope that all future games, as well as the current big titles, will be available for both devices.

So if you are in two minds which new BlackBerry to buy because you 'need' your games then fear not. The Q10 does the job perfectly.