gameplay3d v1.5 now available on Github

Back in April, RIM announced their v1.2 update to the open-source cross-platform game development offerings designed for indie developers and now after plenty of feedback, use and contributions from the development community they've made gameplay3d v1.5 available for download on Github. The update packs alot of changes and new features:

New features

  • Linux support (tested on Ubuntu 12.04 LTE 64-bit)
  • Linux development environment (via CMake or CodeBlock 10 IDE)
  • Vehicle physics support (via new PhysicsVehicle and PhysicsVehicleWheel classes)
  • Gamepad support for Xbox360, PS3 and Bluetooth® HID controllers on desktops systems.
  • Touch gesture support for tap, swipe and pinch.
  • Configurable multi-sampling anti-aliasing support.
  • New gameplay-tests app for easily learning basic engine features.
  • New public community forums directly off the website at
  • File formats documentation for game.config .scene, .material, .animation, .physics, .particle
  • Visual Studio Plug-in (beta) support for BlackBerry PlayBook 2.0 and BlackBerry 10.

The ‘next’ branch features for v1.6, v1.7

  • AI path finding with navigation meshes
  • Terrain and Water
  • Asset Pipeline improvements 

If you're a game developer looking to go cross-platform and include BlackBerry in your line of supported devices, gameplay3d v1.5 may be just what you need to make that happen. You can check out the sources below to learn more.

Learn more about gameplay3d v1.5

Via: BlackBerry Dev Blog