SokabanIn search of a good puzzle game to keep me occupied in those rare instances of down time, I came across Sokaban. It looked like a good brain teaser so I gave it a shot.

The purpose of the game is to move the little guy (or girl) around the gamespace, to push boxes onto the target areas. Target areas are defined by the yellow circles you see on the screen. Get all of the boxes on their targets, and you pass the level!

The controls within the game are intuitive. On my 8700, I use the numbered keys to move around. 2 moves up, 6 moves right, 8 moves down, and 4 moves left. The 5 key brings up the options menu. You can scroll up and down in the menu using the scroll wheel, and make a selection by using the 0 key.

To exit the game simply click the scroll wheel. A 'close' option will come up. Click the scroll wheel again to exit. When you load up the game again you can continue from where you left off.

Click here for more detailed game controls

SokabanCurrently I'm about 20 levels into the game. Some levels have given me grief, where others have been surprizingly easy. I find it helps to plan out your steps before you start moving boxes. You can really corner yourself with a bad move!

The one thing I would improve in the game is the actual game speed. The character moves very slow, and I've found myself waiting for him to finish moving, especially if there are a series of moves I already have in mind. Speeding him up would certainly make the gameplay flow.

All in all I'm pleased with the game. It's a good challenge, and as you move forward through the levels they get progressively harder. If you enjoy puzzle type games, you should probably pick this one up.

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