I’d like to be smarter. I’d like to think quicker on my feet. I’d like to remember where I left my car keys and, perhaps more importantly, where I left my car. Stuff like that. Well, in my quest to get smarter, I’ve found some help in the form of software for BlackBerry.

Advanced Brain Trainer from Filao is a mobile application designed to stimulate your mind through a series of fast-paced games. The different games focus on the various aspects of training your brain to be sharper, including memory, reaction time, and logic.

After installing the Advanced Brain Trainer from Filao, the application gives you a test. I assume this is to set up a baseline score so you can track your progress. Completing the test takes about 5 minutes. After that, you are free to explore the various games with practice sessions that don’t count toward your daily score. Brain Trainer encourages you to come back once a day to retest and track your progress.
Speed Math
Speed Math

You have your choice of 2 coaches, one male and one female, and their job is to analyze your results and harass you into doing better. From time to time, they give you advice for how to improve you performance. You can change your coach at any time, which is fun because they have different personalities and ways of encouraging your progress. Or expressing their disappointment. They seemed fairly dissatisfied with my performance, but I’m still new at this.
Screen 2
Memory Exercise

As you start to gain mastery of the various games, new ones become available. Your score for each game is tracked and your daily performance is plotted for you to measure your improvement, or lack thereof.
Screen 3
Shopping List

I’m having a lot of fun playing this game. Time will tell if it actually makes me think quicker, but I definitely feel challenged to keep playing and improve my score. The game features exceptional graphics, with animated buttons and menus that are pretty to look at without being too cutesy or annoying. The games are challenging and fun to play, something that’s important for a game that literally insists you return every day for a 5 minute session.

Filao’s Advanced Brain Trainer is available now from Filao’s website.

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