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Nickel Buddy released an updated version of their popular BlackBerry game Wordcaster today... In case you're not familiar, Wordcaster is a word game where you connect adjacent letter tiles to form words. Some tiles are red hot, and if you don't use them in a word, they will burn the tile below them each turn until they reach the bottom. If a red tile reaches the bottom, the game is over. Special tiles give the ability to cast spells, such as swapping tiles, or changing their letter. It's challenging and it's FUN.

Wordcaster is available from ShopCrackBerry.com for $9.99, and a free trial is available.

I absolutely LOVE this game (Warning: it's ADDICTING), so we hooked up TEN free copies to give away to CrackBerry.com readers. To get in on your chance to win, be logged into CrackBerry.com and leave a Comment on this Blog Post!

Not sure what to comment? Why not download a FREE TRIAL of Wordcaster, and let everyone know your thoughts, tips and high scores! You have until this Sunday, Midnight CST to get in on the contest. I'll update this post come Monday morning with the winning usernames. Instructions are posted after the jump, so you can get the most out of the game immediately.  

Wordcaster Instructions: Type out words by using the keyboard, or by selecting them with the trackball. The Delete key erases the last letter, and the Enter key submits a word to be scored. If multiple words are possible, use the trackball to rotate between word possibilities.

Some tiles are wrapped in a colored ribbon. Use these tiles in a word and gain the use of a corresponding spell:

  • Red is MIX and allows you to scramble all the letters on the board, though it also introduces a red hot fire tile.
  • Green is SWAP, which allows you to swap any 2 adjacent tiles.
  • Blue is SHIFT, which allows you to change the letter of a tile up or down 1 position in the alphabet.

Enjoy Wordcaster! Good Luck on the Contest!!