It's been a while since Gadget Box for Blackberry 10 was updated, but this week sees a new version available in BlackBerry World, which contains fixes and improvements, including some bugs ironed out for Passport users.

Gadget Box has been around for a long time on BlackBerry 10, but if you are new to the platform and have not come across it before you can think of it has the BlackBerry version of a swiss army knife, with plenty of handy tools all in one place.

New in version

  • Unit converter shows most recently used units for quick selection

  • Images for unit groups in unit converter

  • Some higher res graphics for BlackBerry 10

  • Bug fixes for the BlackBerry Passport

  • Bug fixes for the 10.3.1 OS update

What's particularly interesting with Gadget Box is that although it isn't new, it constantly continues to be in the 'Top Paid' apps within BlackBerry World. I think that speaks for itself.

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