Gadget Box

My favorite BlackBerry 10 utility application, Gadget Box, has been updated once again to version bringing some more great features. It only seems like five minutes since the last update, but when developers are so proactive I'm certainly not complaining. 

If you haven't yet checked out Gadget Box it's well worth having a look at our hands on video here. The app is kind of like having a Swiss Army Knife within your BlackBerry. While some features won't be used very often I use a couple on a regular basis. The full list of tools include a Flashlight (with super strobe powers!), Speedometer, Protractor, Spirit Level, Compass, Ruler, Morse Code, Height magical machine (I made the magical part up but it is very clever), Units, Lux Meter and Magnifier. 

New features in the update include:

  • New! Camera Compass. Get visual readings and take bearings!
  • Import/Export GPX format
  • Share GPX files over email
  • Share raw GPS coordinates in plain text 
  • Setting to use GPS coordinates in degrees/mins/secs format
  • Multi-selection of GPS Markers for importing/exporting and deleting
  • Unit Converter - delete bookmarks from list and some UI refinements
  • Bug fixes

More information/Download Gadget Box for BlackBerry 10