With the BlackBerry Z10 launching in India yesterday, along with it came a whole host of region specific applications for BlackBerry 10. I just happened to notice Gaana in BlackBerry World and it looks to be pretty decent for you music lovers out there. My knowledge of Indian music is some what limited but after downloading the free Gaana app I thought it was well worth sharing.

The application is a port of the Android version so you don't get quite as nice an experience as with a Built for BlackBerry one - but you still get the great music and that's why you will grab the app. Gaana is India's largest music website, so I understand, and with over twenty languages supported in the app I'm sure you can find some funky tunes to listen to.

One of the main reasons the app caught my attention is because you can create playlists of great songs you find in the app - the simplest way to access your favourite tunes at a later date. There are also some sharing options but these seem to be quite limited as it is an Android app - we don't get access to our wonderful BlackBerry Hub to share music with our friends.

But for a free download this one is well worth checking out. Just remember that if you are streaming a lot you will need a suitable data plan or be on WiFi.

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