Important BlackBerry Protect update for BlackBerry 10.3.2 users

Here's a little bit of an FYI for anyone out there who might be running the BlackBerry 10.3.2 beta but are not actually part of the beta program. BlackBerry has just sent out an email highlighting an important update happening with BlackBerry Protect that will affect ALL BlackBerry 10.3.2 users whether you're in the beta officially or you used the leaked files to get it installed. If you used the leaked files, then chances are you never got the email so here's what you need to be aware of.

On the afternoon of April 15th (today) at 4pm EST, changes in BlackBerry Protect which make essential device features unusable in the event that your BlackBerry device is stolen or lost will be in place for all users of BB10.3.2.

BlackBerry Protect is linked to your BlackBerry ID and is enabled by default. This means that when BlackBerry Protect is on, your device cannot be set up by anyone else, even if the device is wiped. After a device wipe, the device will prompt you to sign in with the same BlackBerry ID that was previously associated with the device.

After the server change, if you require BBID for BBM or BlackBerry World, etc, and do not know that BlackBerry ID or password or attempt to use a different BlackBerry ID, then you will not be able to set up the device and the device becomes unusable.

To prepare for this change:

  • Make sure you know your BlackBerry ID username (email) and password, or that you reset your password before April 15th (today) at 4pm EST.
  • If you haven't already, please confirm the email address that is being used as your BlackBerry ID.
  • You may check your email confirmation status through Settings -> BlackBerry ID, and trigger confirmation with the 'Confirm Email' button on this screen if it does not already indicate 'Confirmed'.
  • If you do NOT remember your password and have a confirmed email address, a new password can be retrieved at
  • If you do not remember your password and do NOT have a confirmed email address but know the secret question/answer, a new password can be retrieved at
  • If you do NOT know your BlackBerry ID password and you are unable to reset it, immediately wipe your device and create a new BlackBerry ID and password to associate with the device. Otherwise, your device will be unusable.

For the most part, this shouldn't be an issue but you never know, so it's nice they at least sent out a warning. The other interesting thing here is the actual change within BlackBerry Protect. Basically, its confirmation they're making changes to BlackBerry Protect to better protect lost and stolen devices. You've always been able to locate, lock, send a message and wipe a lost or stolen BlackBerry through Protect, but this takes it one step further and makes it so the device is simply unusable unless the BBID is verified.

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