When it comes to currency convertors for BlackBerry 10 we certainly are not short of options. I recently stumbled upon FX Rates from S4BB (they are not short of apps either!) and I was pleasantly surprised. Not only is the app 'Built for BlackBerry', but it is also free to download. You can get rid of the adverts with a paid option, but for me this free edition does the job perfectly. 

I think the main reason I was attracted to FX rates was the user interface. It's very user friendly and being set on a black background with big bold icons just makes it look good. As you will see in the video; adding countries to your list of featured currencies is super easy - just press the + icon and select from the huge list. Once you have your selection made you can, at any time, tap one which will open up a box where you can enter the amount you need to convert. The results will then be shown in each of the counties you have open. 

To edit your selected countries you can perform a long hold which will let you delete them if no longer required. The simplicity, combined with a nice Active Frame (which displays the conversion) makes for a sweet free application. It may not be one most of us use everyday, but for business users that deal internationally, or just for us normal folk that are going on holiday, it's a handy tool to have on your device. 

FX rates is available for all BlackBerry 10 smartphones. I've used it on the Z30, as seen in the video, and also my Q10, which gives an experience just as good. 

Features include:

  • Free Real-Time Multi-Currency Conversion
  • Supports 139 Currencies
  • Cross-Currency Conversion
  • Offline Mode (no Internet needed to use latest exchange rate) 
  • Share Cross-Currency Conversion through BBM, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Email, Text, WhatsApp, NFC
  • Customize Currency Order and Layout via Drag'n'Drop
  • Exchange Rate Update On-Demand

Download FX Rates for BlackBerry 10