There's so much going on with BlackBerry lately. The company is actively seeking a buyer and first entered into a deal with Fairfax Financial a few weeks back. Since then, there have been rumors of other companies being interested, a possible breakup of the most valuable assets and even former CEO Mike Lazaridis may be getting in on the action

During it all there are plenty of forums threads with arguments for why the company should or shouldn't be sold (or broken up), what the best route may be and what will ultimately come of BlackBerry. Perhaps one of the best (and longest) is a post from forums member wout000 titled The Future of BlackBerry is RIM.

The title alone says a lot - and once you read the post it actually makes quite a bit of sense. Some of the key things that the post outlines are how Mike and Jim should return to their thrones, a great comparison of BlackBerry & Nokia and their similar situations over the years, the 'What needs to be done, right now' super plan for BlackBerry, and of course last by not least, Haul A$$. 

My opinion? Get BlackBerry private and bring the dinosaurs back. (I'm pretty sure you fantasized about this as a kid, so let's make it happen) They both have a tremendous amount of knowledge between them, not to mention a certain synergy that works to their benefits. Get both CEO's back. Put Mike on research and development and Jim on Marketing and Finance. Let them handpick their own team to surround them and give them time to do what they do best, building from the bottom to the top. Mike leading research and development and Jim leading marketing and Business Development will undoubtedly bring forth a new and interesting wind at BlackBerry.

Of course everyone has their own opinions on how to fix BlackBerry or what will make the company succeed, but wout000 does an amazing job of outlining a plan going forward on just what could make RIM the future of BlackBerry. 

Check out the full post in the forums here and be sure to drop a comment with your thoughts.