BlackBerry 10

We're sitting at just about a month since the BlackBerry Z10 was first released in the UK and Canada, and already it looks like the device is performing better than expected. The Canada launch has been 50% more successful than any previous launch as the Z10 is outselling both the iPhone 5 and Samsung Galaxy S3. Further confirmation today proves that sales are up and a large number of Z10 purchases are going to new customers and not current BlackBerry owners.

BGR has confirmed that half of the BlackBerry Z10 sales in Canada and one-third of sales in the UK are going to users coming from another platform. This means there are plenty of users that are ditching their iPhone or Android device in favor of BlackBerry 10. It's also noted that 50% of the Z10 pre-registrations in Canada were made by users who did not already own a BlackBerry phone. 

With the US launch still a few weeks off (no official date just yet) we'll see how well BlackBerry 10 performs in the states very soon. There is plenty of interest as Verizon, T-Mobile and AT&T are all on board to carry the new devices and we expect to see good numbers in the US once BlackBerry 10 finally hit the streets.

Source: BGR