Funky Smugglers for BlackBerry 10

Funky Smugglers for BlackBerry 10 has recently been patched to fix a serious crash bug, and now stands as one of my favorite Z10 games. Players don the stern uniform of a TSA agent inspecting travelers about to board, and disarming them of plungers, saws, hatchets, and other unlikely armaments.

As people walk past the X-ray machine, you have to swipe away threatening objects while leaving innocent ones undisturbed. Players can pick up more than one piece per swipe, and the occasional power-up can slow down time, bring on a rush of travellers, or help recover from missing an object. Travellers come in waves, and after completing each one you're scored and move on to the next plane. The coins you earn can be spent on new items, music tracks, and limited-use power-ups.

This is yet another high-grade title from 11bit studios for BlackBerry 10, and they deserve a ton of credit for bringing some excellent titles to the platform so early on. I'm sure EA, Gameloft, and Madfinger will all have their games ready close to the U.S. launch, but for those of us rocking Z10s now, it's great to have a few tasty morcels to chew on.  

The soundtrack to Funky Smugglers is absolutely great, the gameplay is original, and the art style is absolutely fantastic. For $0.99, this game is a steal, you dig?