- Fashion, Function and Shavings!

Following up on my stroll through our software store last night, I took some time to check out the accessory side of things as well. Immediately catching my eye were the images above. ShopCrackBerry has been shipping the latest generation of Bluetooth headsets and we now have all of the cool available colors in stock. Check out the new Jawbone, Blueant Z9i and Plantronics 925. I actually have the Jawbone and Z9i sitting on my desk as I type this, and a 925 on delivery for tomorrow. Each headset has already received an independent review, but I figure it's time for me to really put them through the ringer. Look for my Head to Head to Head Shootout of these Best of Class headsets in the near future!

The $4.95 Sales Bin also got a BIG injection of BlackBerry goodies. We need to clear out some old inventory to make room for all of the BlackBery Bold accessories we have coming. Take a look - there are a bunch of cases, cables, screen protectors, batteries, headsets and more now priced at $4.95. If you're rocking a 7xxx series BlackBerry you will especially want to check this out!