This past Friday while in Miami I finally had a chance to check out one of the BBM For All vans that has been rolling around and spreading the word that BBM is now available for iOS and Android devices.

Be sure to watch the video above to get a good look at the BBM van and related happy fun times that occur if you also get the chance to visit one of these in person. Avid readers of CrackBerry will remember Khalid, who earlier this year at BlackBerry Live gave us an awesome tour of the then-black BlackBerry 10 Keep Moving van. His team and the van have been making regular appearances in South Beach, though for our walk through they were good enough to meet us in Wynwood. The van gets attention - even while the guys were setting up for our walk through, a car driving by stopped and a loyal BB user pulled out his old Bold and professed his love for BBM and wantingness to upgrade to a Q10.

With the BBM van things have changed up a bit. The blacked-out paint job has been swapped out for white and emoticons. The interior of the van no longer hosts demos - rather they're all done outside, where there's a giant BB mounted on the side, where you can play a fun emoticon game (which I rocked!). Games aside, the real goal here is to get people loading up BBM onto their iPhones and Android devices and to share the love from there (tweet about it, etc.) to their followers. 

Enough writing. Watch the video! Thanks to Khalid for giving us a look. Hopefully we'll see all the BBM vans in the US make their way to Las Vegas in January for CES2014. With a whole bunch of smartphone users converging on the Las Vegas Convention Center, it would be prime for getting loads of people signed up.