If there is one childhood game we all remember it is Mad Libs. That classic word replacement craze was an afterschool activity my friends and I shared and giggled over for hours. For those wanting to relive those days or just pass the time there is Fun-E Lib by mgdotnet. The popular theme developer offers his own witty take on on the game that is entertaining and enjoyable for people of all ages. 

Fun-E Lib is simple, quick, and perfect for those stressful times where a laugh is needed such as waiting in line, doing the laundry, or just commuting on the train to and from work. As with the original, the purpose is to provide words, terms, phrases, or numbers in the blank spaces to complete one of the various stories.

The passage itself is already written but key words and phrases are omitted and then replaced with your selections to create a silly and nonsensical tale. While there are only twenty three different stories included (that vary in length), the possibilities are endless as the stories are all reusable.

This way you can play each of them over and over again with friends and family and get a fresh laugh each and every time.  

Once a story is chosen, you are asked to provide the missing words based on the parts of speech. Whether it asks for a noun, verb, adjective, adverb, a number, or a person's name, you must enter in all the blanks to proceed. What you may not realize is how hard it is to come up with a missing word.

There are so many in the English language and being asked to think of one on the spot is a challenge. However, for those of us requiring a little bit of help knowing the difference between an adverb and an adjective or for kids needing some help with their grammar, there is a convenient how to guide that explains each of the different meanings with examples.

The only things I would like to see is a way to save your progress and the ability to share the completed story via email or to your friends and followers. Even with these faults, it is a fun and straightforward game for everyone. It does what it sets out to do being the simple game that it is while also improving grammar and word skills.

I admit to taking a peek to help me every now and then as well. Fun-E Lib is $0.99 and the developer plans on adding more stories to the application soon.

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