I sort of wish I could go to sleep for two years and wake up to be able to grab my BlackBerry 12 phone with curved display and physical buttons that emerge out of the glass while typing.

Sort of a crazy week for awesome new technologies that I can't wait to see be put to use in consumer tech. Yesterday we spoke about Corning's new Willow Glass technology which allows for curved displays. The glass is thin, strong and flexible and can literally bend around corners.

Today I caught wind of the news in the CrackBerry Forums pointing out a new technology from a company called Tactus which allows for "physical" buttons to emerge out of a display. It's literally deformable tactile surface.

"The origin of Tactus goes back to 2007. Looking at the iPhone and all the elegance of that user interface, I also realized that I like my BlackBerry with the buttons ... . As human beings, we really want to be able to feel things; we really want that tactility." 

Tactus' Tactile Laye technology integrates with touchscreen-based devices (smart phones, tablets, personal navigation systems, gaming devices, etc.) by replacing the front layer of the display stack. Awesome stuff. Be sure to check out the video above and jump over to Tactus' site for more details. I know how much BlackBerry users love their physical keyboards, myself included. I'm loving the look of the BlackBerry 10 keyboard, but have to admit a technology like this that merges the best of both worlds together -- big touchscreens and physical keyboards -- would be pretty dop. And yes I get that the BlackBerry Torch 9810 technically does this, but you know what I'm saying... all on a touchscreen.

Just when you think maybe technology has peaked and is starting to flat line... nope, you get cool stuff like this to dream about.

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