It has been a while since we discussed multiFEED, a fast and easy to use RSS and Atom reader that offered decent functionality depending on which level you chose to purchase. The application may have been simple but being able to read the news on the go and customize the appearance made them easy to read.

Since my original review, the application continued to grow and incorporate new features and capabilities. One of the issues I found with the application was that it lacked a true reader mode and only displayed the embedded article. The developer has now incorporated a feature similar to that of the BlackBerry 10 browser into the application in the latest version, which now stands at v2.4.0.2.

All of the updates added are shown below.

  • Reader Mode: Removes ads, menus, clutter, and distractions from article pages for easier reading
  • Choose Bright, Dark, or device default color theme regardless of which device you are using
  • Improved keyboard shortcuts
  • Quick email support buttons added throughout the app
  • Feed URL test function added to help diagnose feed problems. Results can be emailed to arsMOBILIS for assistance.
  • Improved Hub error notification messages
  • More control over what multiFEED does when on WiFi vs. carrier networks. (reduces data usage)
  • Various workarounds for misbehaving and misconfigured RSS/Atom feed servers enable multiFEED to handle feeds that other readers choke on
  • Various small fixes for rarely encountered bugs

While the application is free to download as a trial, there are two in-app upgrades available. There is a standard $.99 that removes the restriction on preset/locked feeds, does not support aggregate feeds, and gives up to ten single feeds of your choice. The premium/full version for $2.99 unlocks all capabilities and allows up to fifty single or aggregate feeds of your choice and up to ten feeds per aggregate.

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