Every smartphone platform gets games like this and to be honest it isn't normally my cup of tea as I'm not very good at them. However, I downloaded Fruit Blitz to my BlackBerry Z10 as I was curious to see what this style of puzzle game was like on BlackBerry 10. The game involves matching three or more fruits in a row to earn points. We have covered similar games on the PlayBook before, but if I take a trip on the London Underground I can guarantee to see loads of people using this type of game - so it should be popular.

There are a few features in Fruit Blitz that make it stand out from the competition in my opinion. First up is the sound effects. As well as having a funky calypso tune in the background there is also a cool voice who prompts you along the way - it's quite comical actually but a real nice touch. Next up is the online challenge. In addition to just playing the game normally you can create a challenge and play another random user which adds a nice twist into the mix.

The actual game play is pretty sweet too. The Z10 makes light work of the fast and fluid graphics and the colours look wonderful on the big touch screen display. Keeping tabs on your scores is painless. You can view leaderboards for the last 24 hours, global and also your friends scores as the game is linked to 'BlackBerry Games' that we will cover in another post.

When I wrote this article there were two versions of Fruit Blitz in BlackBerry World - a free one and a paid edition (for 75 pence or $0.99), but now the free one seems to of vanished. That said, it is well worth the paid price. If this is your sort of game you will love Fruit Blitz. 

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