Making a frog jump over lanes of moving traffic is not normally my favorite style of BlackBerry 10 game but Frog Race offers up some sweet multiplayer action and with there being a free version it's one to check out.

Once the game launches you are presented with three different colored frogs. If you just want to play by yourself it's just a case of selecting which color you want to be and then you're off. Tapping the screen makes your frog jump and it's just a case of getting as far as you can before getting run over. There are plenty of grass verges to hang out on to wait for the right moment and it is kind of fun.

But grab a buddy or two and you can all play on the one device. You each select a frog and then like the example on the video you each get a tab on the base of the screen to make your frog jump. Whoever gets squashed by a car or lorry loses and the last man (frog) standing wins the game.

The graphics are ok but there is some funky background music which makes the game a bit more exciting. There is also a paid version in BlackBerry World although I'm not entirely sure what the difference is - that one is called Frog Race 3D.

So check out the free version and have some fun with your friends.

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