We first showed you Frisbee Forever some time ago when it launched for the PlayBook. BlackBerry Z10 owners can now also play the awesome game and the best news is that it's free - nice one Unity.

Your mission is to simply flick the frisbee to launch it and then guide it through the rings collecting stars along the way. We have a choice of using either tilt or touch controls to maneuver the frisbee and with stunning graphics and some sweet background music it really is a great game. There are over 100 tracks to keep you busy so this one is another game that may well get you addicted.

As you progress you can jump into the shop and spend your stars on upgrades such as new frisbees if you fancy it along with a few other items.

Frisbee Forever is beautifully smooth and if you have a Z10 I urge you to download it. If you don't like it I'll eat my hat!

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