When it comes to all things weather-related, I don’t know what it is but we are all a bit obsessed with it. What’s the temperature outside, is it going to rain today, should it make an hotel reservation for this week-end on the beach? It is a big business; we have TV channels dedicated to weather. Continuing our series on BlackBerry friendly sites, today we look at mobile Weather sites that are BlackBerry compliant.

We listed here what we consider the 5 best sites to get your weather information from. The fact is, you can not go wrong choosing any of them; it is more a question of personal preferences, styles, graphics used. After entering the city/state or zip code, you are ready to get a ton of information about weather and everything related to weather. From most of these sites, you’ll usually be able to get information on:

- Current Local Conditions
- Detailed Conditions
- 5 day forecast
- Satellite images
- Radar images
- National Summary

The official National Weather Service, compliments of our government is loaded with useful information.

At AccuWeather, they’ve done a great job formatting all the screens for the BlackBerry.

AccuWeather Wireless

Weather.com gives you some additional information you might find very useful such as Golf weather, Ski Conditions, Boat & Beaches. They also cover the entire planet so you can get easily get weather in any city in the world.

Weather.com Mobile Edition

Weather Underground is very friendly. You’ll find most of what you are looking for on the same page and the graphics are beautiful.

Weather Underground
Weather Underground

If you are really into great weather maps, then PDA Animated Weather is the site for you. Tons of fresh local maps, ability to zoom to local areas and all optimized for your BlackBerry.

Animated Weather
PDA Animated Weather

BlackBerry friendly sites, Weather summary list with URLs:

• National Weather Service: http://mobile.srh.noaa.gov/
• AccuWeather: http://www.accuweather.com/pda/pda_5dy.asp
• Weather.com: http://wireless.weather.com/palmportal/
• Weather Underground: http://mobile.wunderground.com/
• PDA Animated Weather: http://www.ssec.wisc.edu/data/paw/

## This Article Was Originally Published by AllBlackBerry.com on November 2, 2006.