BlackBerry Titan

It blows my mind how much the topic of smartphones comes up in regular conversation these days. At restaurants, airports, schools, work... you name the place, it seems to me people are talking about phones and gadgets like never before. Multiple times per week I find myself unintentionally eavesdropping on people out in public because I catch the word BlackBerry or iPhone or iPad or Android and hone in on the conversation. The conversation is often surrounding what phone a person wants to buy next, which phone they think is best, and sometimes it's even about what they *wish* a company would put into their next phone.

Enter the BlackBerry TK1 Titan Concept. While I'm sure a lot of CrackBerry Readers have given some thought as to what they'd like to see RIM do with their next device model, I don't think many of us have given it as much effort as Guy Bridges (DigitalHomeBoy). Guy has put three months of thought and effort into his BlackBerry device concept, complete with the rendered images and spec sheet you'd normally find from RIM itself. You'll want to jump over to Guy's blog post to view the entire specs, but all in all it's a pretty compelling device and hopefully we'll see some BlackBerry Devices from RIM in the near future that live up to this dream. In addition to the standard BIG specs you'd expect on a dream device (1GB ram, 8.1 megapixel camera on the back, 3.5 megapixel on the front, etc.), Guy has included some other innovative features, such as dual LED notification lights, double speaker ports, and two left side convenience buttons. Cool stuff.

So that leads us to the final question of the week... what does your dream BlackBerry Smartphone look like? No doubt it's running the new QNX-based OS that the BlackBerry PlayBook will feature. But what else do you want to see in the hardware and form factor? Sound off in the comments!

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BlackBerry Titan Hardware Features

BlackBerry Titan