* UPDATE - WINNER'S ANNOUNCEMENT: So since Father CrackBerry (my dad) rolled this snowman, I had him pick the name for the CrackBerry Snowman. He deliberated on it wayyy too long... and the winning name he chose was Berry White! Member WillHeSurvive is the lucky winner here who was first to suggest it on the thread. Good stuff. I'll be following up soon to get your details. *

It's October 5th. While we should be ramping up our Halloween-themed content, mother nature decided to change things up and dump a bunch of snow on me today. So instead of Halloween, I'm thinking Christmas. I know, I know. It's too early to think that, but I guess with BlackBerry 10 phones coming in Q1 2013 I just want to get these next few months over and done with.

Enjoying the snowfall this morning and knowing hoping the snow will melt, my dad whipped up a little CrackBerry Snowman while I was recording my From the Editor's Desk video. The snowman is awesome. But he needs a name. A snowman has to have a name (and no, it can't be Frosty).

So let's have some fun here. Drop your CrackBerry Snowman names in the comments. Since the rest of the CrackBerry team has the good sense to live in warmer climates, I'll be footing the contest prize for this one. I have lots of fun BlackBerry stuff kicking around CBHQ, so I'll put together a nice prize pack and ship it out to the person who suggests the name I like best. Oh, and be sure to check out CrackBerry's Wallpaper gallery... I snapped some great photos of the CrackBerry Snowman that'll make a nice wallpaper on your phone or tablet!