It's another lazy Sunday for me, hope you all are enjoying what's left of your weekend, since the BlackBerry news has been kind of slow today I wanted to take the time to let you all know about a new theme from JC-Designs . John has been busy making a good amount of themes lately and this one should appeal to the person who's not so big on custom icons, but actually prefers the styling of the built in Bold icons.

Here we have a Today Plus theme for the Bold (OS 4.6) with a few twists to it, the bottom dock rise's up when icons need to be chosen and they also jiggle. You'll find some unique icon placement here with an application (of your choosing) up in the top right, which makes for convenient switching of apps. As stated this uses base icons, so if you're like me and find the Original icons just as nice as some of the "custom" icons be sure to check this theme out.I know I use this one when I need to be kept "organized", now stop laughing..I do have some organizational skills, but only because they are built into my BlackBerry lol.

The Today Plus Bold theme is available for $7 and can be purchased in the Software Store or on your device at